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Parents, faculty, and staff,


The closures have created challenges for the LCS community but we are still planning a memorable promotion for the Class of 2024. This year, all of the 8th graders will be collaborating on a special video. Unlike other promotion ceremonies, the students are in charge of creating these lasting memories. 


We have secured a filmmaker, Tehillah DeCastro (www.tehillahdecastro.com), who is already working hard with the planning committee.  Any funds raised by June 10th will go directly to the filmmaker and pay for the miscellaneous costs of envelopes, postage, stamps, etc.


If you have any questions about the event or would like to volunteer, please contact:


Kelly Bartle  [email protected]

Travis Fowler  [email protected]

Jonathan Mundy [email protected]

Who's donating

Tucker Carney
Kimberly McDonald
Nansi Shegem
Krista Smith
Kyung B Cho
melissa Karaban
Jong Min Shin
Delia Martinez
Scott Gray
Derek Basco
deborah Cohen-Halprin
Kim Glann
Candice Kahn
Elysse Condit
Severine Perrudin
Yaelle Shaphir
john bentjen
Tracy Dickerson
Hyun Haong
Daniel Frankel
Heather Rios
Alicia Lara
Peter Breitmayer
Jeesook Kim
Israel Juarez-Martinez
Daniel Corwin
Adel Khomutetsky
Jeremy Gough
Adam Somilleda
Roya Milder