5th Grade & Music

5th GRADE Sarah Perkins

History - 5th Grade is busy learning about the causes of the American Revolution. We took a field trip to Riley's Farm and learned about life in the colonies. In class, we have taken on roles in a colonial town and are acting out scenes from that time period. Students are also writing letters/ diary entries to showcase their thinking throughout this unit.

In Science, students are learning about mixtures and solutions. In this investigation, we are learning about physical and chemical changes to the properties of matter. Students have conducted several experiments to observe these changes.


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MUSIC Dave duMonde

The PPL of Band Land (Rhythm Section) and Confuzzled (Horns & Strings) really do rock. It's remarkable to see the growth of our students in their musical journeys--they've come a long way! We've got the classics comin' up in our final performance of the year at Yearbook Live. Buckle up--you're about to hear some wailing guitar solos, fun cartoon themes and lead vocals from some of our musicians. Don't miss YBL!

The V-dub Crew (Vocal Workshop) recently completed their worldwide tour (to the other Larchmont campuses) and are workin' it in rehearsals to get ready for their performance at Yearbook Live. Our music teams are passionate and stoked for their end-of-year performances!

In Music Class, students are getting close to the final week of work on their songwriting projects. "Change Begins With Me" is the overall theme, in which students have chosen topics ranging from homelessness and pollution to spreadin' the love. We have some young, brilliant minds! The final playlist will be published with songs by those students who wish to be included. Stay tuned!


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