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    Choose your donation TOTAL and how many monthly transactions you'd like it divided into. I.e. Give $1,000 total but split it into 10 monthly gifts of $100. 

    Please choose the number of installments BEFORE entering the total donation amount & please complete your giving by May 30th.

    Be sure to add your child(ren)'s name in the IN HONOR OF field on the next page so we can track your donation for participation.

    Thank you!


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    Choose the total amount of your Annual Giving Drive gift.

    Be sure to add your child(ren)'s name in the IN HONOR OF field on the next page so we can track your donation for participation.

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    LCS Selma Teachers


    Staff are SUPER! 


    Let’s all pitch in to show them the POWER of our appreciation with special treats and surprises starting May 21st!  (Please note that National Teacher Appreciation day is May 8, but to accommodate various testing and other scheduled activities we are recognizing our teachers and staff with a whole week later this month.)


    We have planned a week filled with snacks and treats:


    Monday: Special personal treat

    Tuesday: After-school milk & cookies snack

    Wednesday: Morning coffee/tea & snack

    Thursday: Favorite Things goodie bag

    Friday: Lunch buffet


    Help us make sure the week is a SMASH!  


    - Your MONETARY DONATIONS will support the purchase of edible and personalized treats to be distributed to all Selma teachers and staff.

    - Please sign-up to BRING IN ITEMS or VOLUNTEER to help with logistical support (like setting up/cleaning the snack/treat days, assembling gift bags, etc.):  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e0545a5ab2aa3f94-lcsselma 


    Thank you to our LEGION of wonderful parents!



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    December will soon be over &

    2018 is almost through.

    Let’s take this year-end chance to say

    FELICES FIESTAS to our Amazing LFP Teachers & Staff

    From YOU!

    ❆  ❆

    Yes, the taco truck is coming back again for the LFP Teacher & Staff holiday party -

    On Tuesday, December 18th!

    We need your help to make the celebration memorable!

    ❆  ❆

    Please donate $$ to help pay for the taco truck and raffle prizes &

    Click below to volunteer & provide drinks & desserts


    ❆  ❆


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    Graduating Class Gift

    Hollygrove 4th grade parents are raising money for our Graduating Class gift.

    This year we'd like to get Flipforms -- versatile, multi-position platforms for Morning Sings and other school performances -- so that everyone can see each of our cute kids' faces as they perform!  No blocked faces!  (And the kids can each see the instructor/conductor.)

    They are on sale 'til the end of June -- if we can raise the funds and order by then we will save $100 each!  Every donation, large or small, will help us reach our goal!

    Versatile, multi-position platforms for elementary classroom or theater use:



    Please consider making a donation on behalf of your GRADUATING 4th GRADER -- let's leave the Hollygrove campus with a lasting gift that will help make our school even better because of our legacy!

    THANK YOU!!!

    (If this year's 4th grade families are unable to raise enough for this gift, we will put all gift funds to an alternative gift that the principals and parent representatives agree on and which we can afford!)


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    Make a DIRECT CONTRIBUTION to the fund

    Suggested donation is $50 per family, but any amount is appreciated.

    Thank you for making a difference! Your tax-deductible contribution will help make the 8th grade promotion a memorable and inspirational experience for all.


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    Hollygrove Yearbooks



    Please enter your child(ren)'s name(s) into the "In Honor Of" field to the left when entering your payment info.


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    Teacher Appreciation Week at Hollygrove

    Please join us for a week of love, appreciation, and celebration for our amazing Hollygrove teachers and staff from April 30 - May 4, 2018.

    We have a full week of memorable and meaningful celebrations planned for those who make our LCS world so very wonderful. All events are sponsored and funded entirely by LCS families, and would not be possible without your support! This year, in order to make sure all staff members are acknowledged equally, we are asking families to make a one-time donation to The Teacher Appreciation Fund.  We will not be asking families to make any additional purchases during Teacher Appreciation Week. Please help us make this a week our wonderful teachers and staff won't forget! 

    To contribute, please make a donation on the left side of your screen. You may also leave an envelope in the front office drop box clearly marked “2018 Teacher Appreciation.”

    Thank you all for your support of this very important event. Please contact [email protected] or [email protected] if you have any questions or would like to volunteer during Teacher Appreciation Week. 


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    LFP Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week is right around the corner on May 20-24 and we are working on amazing, treat-filled events and activities to thank our wonderful teachers and staff for all their tireless talent and loving support with breakfast goodies, lunches, massages, flowers and much more to show our appreciation!




    Help us show our amazing teachers & staff how much we love & appreciate them - please donate today!