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 A Hamilton Dance Workshop

*Suggested Donation: $40 

This elective will be a three-session series filled with high-energy games, creative expression, and athletic dance combinations. We will be using music from the award-winning soundtrack of Hamilton and combine our sessions into a fun, mash-up of song and dance. Hip-hop, jazz, and ballet fusion designed for both girls and boys! No dance experience is needed. All ages, all levels welcome! Come get your groove on and don’t throw away your shot!

MEET LOUIE: Louie Chavez is an in demand profes-sional dancer and choreographer based in LA. He has worked with numerous Broadway choreographers and dancers professionally in New York City and Los Angeles. He has been choreographing community theater for the past 8 years through organizations like Dee-Lightful Productions (LA), The Public Theater (NY), and Culver City’s Academy of Visual and Performing Arts. 

“Louie taught my daughter dance at Dee-Lightful Productions. He was patient but also had high expectations that the students could work at an advanced level, even at their age. I was especially impressed with the way he talked about movement and their bodies, and the physical sensations when approaching dance. It was all extremely beneficial and remarkable to see what he could accomplish with the kids in such a short time.” - Ann LeSchander



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