LCS Gala Auction is Now LIVE!

The Larchmont Charter School Gala Auction Is Officially Open!


Dear LCS Families,
Limber your bidding fingers, and slip into something comfortable, because folks, The LCS 11th Annual Auction is now LIVE and ONLINE That's right, you can now peruse hundreds of fabulous items that we have already received -- and start bidding on many of them -- without ever leaving your house! How sublimely decadent... That is, until the star-dusted night of Friday, June 3rd--at half-six--when your presence is requested at the Wilshire Country Club, where the party begins, and the bidding continues, at our throwback to old Hollywood, The 11th Annual Gala on the Green!
We've made this EASY for you: all you need to do is click this handy link: that whisks you to our homepage on There you may PURCHASE TICKETS to the Gala, browse our miles of virtual aisles of sublime SWAG, and above all, people, start BIDDING! Because as much decadent fun as the Gala is, the bottom the bottom line: every dollar we raise goes directly to our classrooms and funds this year's operating deficit. (The harsh reality amid this otherwise glittery missive.) 
A word to the wise: at you will see a preview of the amazing donations that have flooded our Gala warehouse: a brand new Honda Metropolitan Motor Scooter(!!); Disneyland Park Hopper tickets; the very best seats in Dodger stadium, to name but a few. Some items you may bid-on right NOW (you'll need to register first if you are new to the site), but some items will be available only at the Gala: coveted-impossible-to-get tickets to the Broadway smash, Hamilton; equally impossible-to-get tickets to a taping of TV's daytime dancing queen, Ellen; a romantic stay at Napa Valley's most luxurious inn, voted Travel & Leisure's World's Best; the BEST seats in Dodger stadium; a Sony PlayStation + games + 33 Blu-Ray movies & DVD's...and more is coming in every - single - day!
Tell Your Friends. The success of this online auction depends on spreading the word to as many people as possible! We need your help. Please Refer a Friend and encourage them to participate so they don't miss a single moment of the fun and excitement.
So, dust off your tiaras, polish your spats, break out your top hats -- click your heels, and click the link -- and let's get this soiree started!! (And please bid like your child's education depends on it...'cause it kinda does.)
With gratitude from your Gala Team