Music & 5th Grade

MUSIC Dave duMonde

In Trimester 3 we dive into creating original music. After learning all about rhythm and melody in the first two trimesters, we're formulating our knowledge and creativity into real songs that will be written, recorded and produced by students. The songwriting topic? "Change Starts With Me." Students are asking the question, "What am I concerned, frustrated or mad about that's happening in our world, and how can I bring change?"

Each week students are learning tools which will equip them in their approach to songwriting. They'll be able to connect their song to their signature project if they so choose, or they may write about something entirely different that stirs their passion. Due at the end of May, students may submit their songs to be included in an online playlist that can be heard by anyone. Excited to see & hear students in their creative modes this trimester!

The Songwriting Project is posted on Music Google Classroom.


5th Grade Sarah Perkins

In reading, students have begun book clubs! Students will work in small groups to read and answer questions. Students will also meet with teachers to discuss. The books students are reading are: A Long Walk to Water, The Breadwinner, Flush, and City of Ember. All of the books center around an activist theme, which will carry over into our Signature Project for Trimester 3. For T3, our Signature Project will ask students to partner with an organization or to design their own solution to a human rights issue that they care about. Students will work individually, or in a small group, to complete this project. 

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