Time in nature is not leisure time;

It’s an essential investment in our children’s health.

-Environmental education advocate and researcher Richard Louv 


Outdoor education opportunities help Larchmont Charter School deliver many firsts to our students: their first time away from home, their first time camping, and for this generation, it has also become their first experience without a digital connection, and therefore, their first experience being completely responsible for their own entertainment. Nicole Garcia, an LCS 9th grader who attended PALI Institute a couple of years ago, spoke about PALI's importance in her academic and social-emotional development.

"It was important to go because it showed me all the different ways I could survive...in nature, no matter if it was freezing and raining or hot and sunny and it showed me that I could take chances, get out of my comfort zone and trust others."

Donate now and change a child forever. A donation of $300 covers the full cost of one sixth grader's camp tuition. As you donate for your child's experience, please consider donating to help another child attend Pali camp as well. Your financial gift ensures that we have the means to provide each and every student with this rich, powerful multi-sensory, whole-child learning experience--making nature’s incredible variety and complexity of materials and processes accessible, powerful stimulants to these young adults' innate curiosity, perseverance, critical thinking, health and empathy.

Help us give the Larchmont Charter School 6th graders the opportunity to build community and their autonomy as young adults in deep, meaningful ways. Help us teach these Larchmont 6th graders how to rise to new expectations and standards. Help us increase their connections with each other, their teachers and their physical environment. Help us build a culture of common language, values, purpose, and connection, rooted in our Larchmont Charter mission and vision.

PALI Institute camping is an experience to remember for these students, February 2020 is fast approaching. Your contribution is greatly appreciated!

All funds raised are shared equally to all students. Donating $300 or more will help all our children attend this amazing camp.

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