Student Support & Spanish

The student support staff continues to provide accommodations and modifications to ensure all students have access to the curriculum. In 5th grade ELA, students are reading novels with their peers in literature circles and writing persuasive essays during the writing portion of the class . In 5th grade Math, we have started to teach measurement concepts while designing cubes to measure volume. Lastly, in 5th grade Science, students have been learning about the water cycle. 
SPANISH Miguel Alvarez
5th Grade - Students in 5th Grade are learning the five W's in Spanish. They know how to say and write who? what? where? why? when? plus how much? and how many? They are also experts with numbers 0-100, including 200, 500, 600, 700 and 1000.  We also continue learning about Spanish speaking countries by tasting various cultural dishes.  To immerse ourselves in the Spanish culture, we are watching Ferdinand in Spanish and learning about the importance of 'toros' (bulls) to Spain. We focused on the 'running of the bulls' event in Pamplona, Spain.
6th Grade - Students in 6th Grade just wrapped up seasons, months, days, and holidays. We have begun working with infinitives and focusing on present tense verbs. Students are beginning to learn how to conjugate certain verbs ending with -ar, -er, and -ir based on the personal pronoun. Students know several verbs and how to use them in some sentences. We will be working our way to learning how to work with past and future tense verbs in a few weeks.