What is a Pledge Drive/Annual Giving Drive?


The Pledge Drive/Annual Giving Drive is the centerpiece of Larchmont Charter’s fundraising efforts. The Pledge Drive/Annual Giving Drive supports Larchmont’s programs - a challenging, constructivist learning environment, with the arts, sciences and physical education integrated into the standards-based curriculum - that are not funded by the State of California education funding model. The money raised during the Pledge Drive is a crucial portion of our annual operating budget. This yearly fund-raising effort raises money that is essential for ensuring the quality of the educational experience for our students.

Every year we ask and invite all the families with children enrolled at LCS to invest in their children’s education. Families are asked to contribute, and budget for, a meaningful gift to LCS.

While many families donate a monthly pledge amount, many families prefer to donate a one lump sum during the year. Others families make multiple gifts; for example, they may make one gift in the fall and then make another gift in the spring after receiving their tax refund. Gifts range from $20 to in excess of $20,000.

We invite you to choose a plan that works for your family. As LCS is a charitable organization, donations are 100% tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.