The middle school years comprise a unique period in children’s lives when they undergo rapid and profound developmental changes. Sensitivity of our response to both the educational and social/emotional needs of our young adolescents guides their development into young adulthood. Larchmont Charter School embraces this opportunity and strives to meet the complex needs of every child, providing one of the best quality middle school programs available. In addition, middle school, a bridge to high school and college, continues our Larchmont Charter School model of excellence to ensure that all students have a pathway to the top 100 colleges in America. 

Larchmont Charter School promotes creativity, develops independent thinkers and invites every student to discover unrealized skills and talents. Curricula are designed around major content concepts and interdisciplinary themes at every grade level. Through an inquiry-based, differentiated and integrated academic experience, our students develop fundamental understanding in a multi-cultural environment, representing the diverse nature and social awareness of the real world. 

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