Hello LCS Community!
After last week's events and conversations, I would like to extend the resource below to you about talking to your student about violence and school safety!  --Val Annicchiarico, School Psychologist

Talking With Children About Violence

The student support staff continues to provide accommodations and modifications to ensure all students have access to the curriculum. In 5th grade ELA, we have finished the novel “Blood on the River” and students will be reading "Almost Home" by Joan Bauer over Spring Break . In 5th grade Math, we have started to teach the concept of multiplying and dividing fractions and used a recipe project to demonstrate real life application of the skills. Lastly, in 5th grade Science, students have really enjoyed working on their space colony project. --Dallas Washburn


AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM Danielle Lovell-Walsh, Daniela Rosales & Yovy Daniels

This week in ASP we won’t say goodbye-but see ya soon-to our good friend Daniela. She is moving onto new adventures and we wish her the best! We thank her for everything she has done! We are currently interviewing for the position.

Next week for conferences: ASP will operate from school dismissal until 6pm daily. Remember, if your student is picked up after 6pm you will be charged $1 per minute past 6pm, no exceptions.

We have really been working on the new ASP schedule to make it fun as well as functional. The new Spring After School Class list will be coming out soon. What classes would you like to see?!

Art projects: Vision Boards-creating a board describing us and our hopes and dreams, cardboard arcade-we still need boxes, rubber bands, tape, glue ect for these, Layers of Your Heart-exploring gratefulness and gratitude-please bring pictures for this and many more projects to come. We also could use donations of paint brushes and old aprons for art aprons. Questions or Concerns, email: [email protected]


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